What's it take to become a sublime exoudnper of prose like yourself?30/06/2015

Dear Mr Jeffy, Just a note to say thank you to you and the glamorous Massabki hotel for the wonderful wedding party we had at my brother's wedding on the 16th of August, everything was perfect and the food was beautiful, we really enjoyed the party. We couldn't pass back by the hotel to say thank you so I found that sending u a short facebook letter could deliver my message. Thanks for making my brother's wedding party so sweet even we came late for booking. Sincerely, Dima 

Dima Chdid El Hajj

Dear Ephram, I first wish to thank you for all that you have done to make our stay at your hotel as enjoyable as it was. I would also thank your staff members for their pleasant welcome and dedication which contributed to the success of our event. Regards,

Tony Nehme (UNIFERT)

Dear Ephram, Thank you for your hospitality and especially thanks to your team for making our stay enjoyable as it was. It has been a pleasure working with you. Regards Angela Karam OCPH

Angela Karam (Obaji group )

Dear Ephram, It was a pleasure meting you over the last weekend spent at your Hotel. Thank you for all your generosity and friendliness. We enjoyed our time a lot, and what made our weekend more special is getting to know you. The Hotel was great in all aspects. I already miss your coffee :) Actually Georges, my son, asked me before going to bed yesterday: (Mom When are we going to Massabki again?). So, we will definitely plan some other time at your place. No more choice. I wish you all the best and a very successful year to come. Best Regards, Patricia Azar Operation Manager MEGATEK sarl

Patricia Azar (MEGATEK )

Dear Mr. Jeffy, We just want to inform you that our pleasant 3 week stay in your Massabki Hotel Chtaura that your staff from the reception, hospitality, house cleaning, restaurant and even the door man has given us excellent service. Please reflect our appreciation to them all.

David Wagner

Dear Ephram, I Joined MEMAC Ogilvy a few months ago and had the opportunity to attend the meeting at your hotel. I'm Lebanese, so your reputation had already reached me. You made sure to meet that reputation head on and make it seem like meeting such high expectations is easy. Your staff made all of us feel at home rather than at the usual dry hotels that such meetings are held at. I don't know what you do to motivate them, but we can all learn a lesson from it. I would like to give one recommendation if you don't mind. You have a unique hotel in a unique setting and a fantastic location. The moment I sat down for breakfast, the food and the setting helped me disconnect and appreciate where I was. I find that you can push that uniqueness more into your rooms and your hotel environment. Your staff, outdoor setting, and food give the hotel a homely feel. Spreading that feeling into the rooms would make the full experince become more cohesive. Once again thank you for your great hospitality. I'm definitely not going to wait until the next meeting to visit your hotel again. Regards, Roy Armale Regional Strategic Planner

Roy Armel (Memac Ogilvy )

Dear Mr. Jeffy, On behalf of every child we help fight cancer, and on behalf of all the CHANCE association, I would like to thank you and your team ( Bshara, Elie ,Sawsan )for all the efforts that you made to help us make our event successful. Your generosity and will to make the event unforgettable were quite obvious. Everybody was trying to give the best he can!! The Bekaa and in particular Chtaura are known for their amazing hospitality! Thank you again for hosting me and my family in your hotel so generously. Dr. Roula Farah-Sayad CHANCE president & founder

Dr. Roula Farah-Sayad (CHANCE President )

Dear Mr. Jeffy, It was a pleasure meeting you in Chtaura. I attended the Unifert Management Meeting and I was delighted to discover an enchanting place, a very "chic" hotel and, especially, a fine and rare welcome by your entire staff -- besides it's unique sympathetic Manager. You probably heard that my bag was left behind yesterday when we checked out of the hotel and that Miss. Sawsan courageously faced the chronic polluted traffic jam of Achrafieh to bring it to my residence. I would appreciate your kindly transmitting to her my very special thanks and gratitude for her dedication, as well as my regrets for bothering her. After this first visit to the Hotel Massabki, you have my assurance that you will see me again more than one time. Best regards. 10/6/2011. Farid Malak

Farid Malak (UNIFERT)

Dear Mr. Jeffy I would like to personally thank you for your significant contribution to Widow on Canada 2011. It would not have been a success without your help and that of the many partners, sponsors and volunteers who donated their time and enthusiasm. Thank to your generous effort, we succeeded in promoting Canadian expertise and excellence, bringing together our community here in Lebanon, and demonstrating the close ties between Lebanon and Canada. The results surpassed all our expectation. We deeply appreciate your commitment and willingness to support the Window on Canada organizing committee efforts which resulted in the largest series of Canadian events ever to take place in Lebanon. (Un grand mreci de vore appui et nous avoir recu si gentillement dans vote bel hotel). Sincerely Hilary Childs-Adams Ambassador of Canada to Lebanon

Hilary Childs-Adams (Ambassador of Canada to Lebanon)