How many times have you been in the conventional hotels around the world? What do you remember from these hotels? Your room? The reception? The lobby? What memories did you take home with you? Why let such a travelling experience goes unnoticed.

At Massabki Hotel we tend to change all this. Our Hotel is very exclusive with its cozy environment, traditional yet comfortable furniture, beautiful courtyards, and welcoming staff, and unique forest of 16000 m2 surrounding the hotel, with its own private river (probably one of the very few in the world). The Massabki hotel tells a unique story and offers a special living experience.

We promise you to depart loaded with unforgettable memories. Our motto is "Everything is possible " we strive to make it as easy, and as pleasant for you to stay and take home stories of exotic living with you.

With us you will experience the ultimate comfort within yesterday frame work, everything you see and touch have a rustic feel and a historic story to tell . As a testimony to the impressive history of the Massabki hotel, you can see the pictures of the celebrities who visited and stayed at the hotel (see testimonials' gallery section ) and in the lobby as well as a scanned copy of the Golden Hotel Register. The Hotel kept its historical design and standards throughout time, and is considered to be one of the best historical hotels in Lebanon and the region. Click here to View Brochure


The Massabki hotel was originally build by Pierre Louis Brun ( owner of Domaine des Tourelles in Chtaura ) has been and is the choice for honeymooners, families, foreign dignitaries, heads-of-state, royalty, poets, celebrities and those seeking a unique experience. The hotel kept its historic feel with modern comfort. We are privileged to have serviced many of the regional leaders to name just a few:


Political personalities:

President Choukri Kouwatly,
Seif of el Islam king of Yemen,
His majesty El-Hajj El Housayny,
President Bechara El Khoury,Alfred Naccach,Charles Helou, Elias El Herawi,

Western personalities:

Prime minister Edward Haryo,President Paul Renault,
Minister Georges Bido,Prince Andrew and Princess Irene of Greece,
Members of the American congress.


Poets religious and singers from the Arab and the west:

Andre Gide, Pierre Benoit, Gerome Tarou,
Ahmad Chawki, Khalil Moutran, 
Mohammad AbdelWahab,
Patriarch Alexei II of Russian, 
Patriarch Tahhan, Catolikos Karikin

All of these political and cultural figures left their signature in the Golden Hotel Register, which was described by the poet Georges Chehadi as the "Oasis of Friendship".  .....