Chtaura (means in Greek cross road) it's located in the biggest commercial and business center of the Bekaa region. Chtaura is a cross road between Beirut and Damascus, East and West Bekaa , where guests can enjoy the unique character of this region of Lebanon. The climate of Chtaura is dry and the Massabki hotel property is build on 16000 m2 of land and may be described as a small paradise with its abundance of trees and fresh water flowing in the middle of the property ( a little Venice in Lebanon ). It also provides easy access to some of the most popular sites and wineries in Lebanon.

Baalbek (40 minutes drive from the hotel) is an ancient roman ruins with impressive temple complex and contains the largest, and most noble Roman temples ever build).Baalbek comprises two world heritage sites classified by the UNESCO.

Anjar (15 minutes drive from Massabki hotel) exclusively build by Umayyad which is completely different from any other archaeological experience you'll have in the region.

Tannayel Monastery (10 minutes drive from the Massabki Hotel).
Zahle (10 minutes drive from Massabki Hotel), is described as a city of win ,and poetry and it consists of beautiful open air restaurants, cafes and arcades located on the river side of the Berdaouni river.
Damascus (45 minutes drive from the hotel) can be visited over a half/full day trip.
In addition to the above the Beqaa Valley is home to Lebanon's famous wineries. Wine making is a tradition that goes back 6000 years in Lebanon. With an average altitude of 1000 m above sea level, the valley's climate is very suitable to vineyards. Abundant winter rain and much sunshine in the summer helps the grapes ripen easily. There are more than a dozen wineries in the region, producing over six million bottles a year. We can organize wine tasting trips to some of the most famous wineries as follows:


Domaine des Tourelles (5 minutes drive from the Hotel).


Chateau Ksara (5 minutes drive from the Hotel).


Chateau Kefraya (30 minutes drive from the Hotel).