Historical Photos

The hotel kept its historic feel with modern comfort. We are privileged to have serviced many of the regional leaders to name just a few:

Political personalities:  President Choukri Kouwatly, Seif of el Islam king of Yemen, His majesty El-Hajj El Housayny, President Bechara El Khoury,Alfred Naccach,Charles Helou, Elias El Herawi.


 Western personalities:  Prime minister Edward Haryo,President Paul Renault, Minister Georges Bido,Prince Andrew and Princess Irene of Greece, Members of the American congress.


Poets religious and singers from the Arab and the west: Andre Gide, Pierre Benoit, Gerome Tarou, Ahmad Chawki, Khalil Moutran, Mohammad AbdelWahab, Patriarch Alexei II of Russian, Patriarch Tahhan, Catolikos Karikin.