2013 Bekaa Valley wine Tasting

2013 Bekaa Valley wine Tasting

With wine making tradition dating back 5000 years the Phoenicians, the ancient dwellers of Lebanon, were tending vineyards, making wine and trading. 

A very special place, the vineyards of the Tanaïl Estate are located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level in the Bekaa Valley, where the slopes are protected by Mount Lebanon and the Anti -Lebanon mountain ranges. Free of frost and disease, the Bekaa Valley enjoys a unique climate with long gentle summers, wet winters and an average temperature of 25 degrees, perfect for viticulture.

Lebanon’s wine country – essentially the Bekaa Valley for the time being at least – offers the perfect peg upon which to hang an ideal day trip. Even the loner can just get in the car and head off over the mountain pass at Dahr el Baidar, drive down to Chtaura and be faced with over half of dozen possibilities for scenic beauty, delicious food, better wine and even a bit of historic trivia.



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